Mobile Apps Development

Looking for a platform to build your very own mobile app? Then look no further because IsItOnline is a Houston-based premium Mobile Apps Development Company that has both domestic and international satisfied clients. IsItOnline has you and your organization covered for easy access and a platform to build mobile apps for your phones and tabloids.

IsItOnline develops custom & native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smart mobiles. Our mobile app development platforms include iOS App Development, Android App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Mobile Web Development, Mobile Web App Development, and Hybrid Mobile App Development. We also develop Custom Software Applications for our clients.

Isitonline is the main organization for mobile app development which not only covers the basic steps but provides complete native mobile applications with extensive features and experience. proudly backs up native mobile applications for top leading organizations like iOS and Android as well. This mobile development company holds an extensive amount of experience in any technology you want to build your app on like HTML5 development. We promise a sustainable, secure, and reliable end product for any environment.

This company uses a very specific type of methodology to produce cross-platform mobile applications. takes a highly authentic approach by first producing assessment models which can evaluate your business and IT requirements for a faster approach. We can easily meet your needs of producing a complete end-to-end mobile app, provide you with consultancy or developers for your on-going projects and to provide good hands-on project management, code development, custom UX/UI design, and quality.

Today is the era of mobile phones and tabloids. The best way to convey your ideas and products is through this magic little machine. Everyday business, long-distance connections, and even development can be achieved through mobiles and their apps for which is the best provider.

Mobile Apps Development Services provides sustainable developments, designs, and deliverance of all kinds of mobile apps for Android users as well as iOS (iPad and iPhones) users. Our main services include:

  • Custom design architecture and wire-farming
  • Process for professional development and management
  • Business analysis and needs
  • User Experience (UX) testing
  • Complete transparency on a method along with quick delivery time and budget
  • Extensive integration expertise and cross-platform mobile app development
  • Providing assistance in introducing your app to the store
  • Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing

Mobile App Development Platforms:

iOS App Development

IsItOnline has a batch full of advantages when it comes to working with the latest devices and development techniques especially for iOS app development. Our company holds a very experienced bunch of developers solely for an iOS app development for an excellent user-experience. Our developers are not only good enough for iOS mobile apps but also hold experience for iPad app development as well. Techniques like 3-axis accelerometer and pop over interfaces elements are used expertly by our developers.

Android App Development

Android app development is one another major expertise of isitonline which races through from start to beginning to build dynamic Android mobile apps. By using the Android SDK technology, our developers have helped put forward some of the best apps on Google’s Play Store.

Cross Platform App Development

To make the cross-platform apps work the same way as on any other major mobile device platform, works with technologies like Ionic, Cordova and Phonegap. Our developers have the abilities to have your cross-platform app function perfectly which also includes supporting features like accelerometer, geo-location, photos, contacts, vibrations, offline storage and much more.

Mobile Web Development

A regular website compared to a mobile website is a bit big in size, latter being adjusted to adapt the layout and fit the screen size but all in all works in the same way as a regular website. If you do not want to create a separate app for the phone and just want your website to fit the mobile, then is the best place to go to. Our developers have an extensive amount of training in producing the perfect layout with the help of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

These mobile apps are just like any other native mobile app you use which you have installed or downloaded via Play Store or Apple Store. You can use and launch them like regular apps, but the difference is just that these are written in JavaScript and HTML5 which can be used across multiple device platforms.

Mobile App Developers

Being part of a leading mobile app developing company, out developers are highly trained and talented to understand the consumer demand. Our developers aren’t just technically approved, but they understand the need of putting creativity, quality and consistency in their projects. IsItOnline works for the sole purpose of not just only making your ideas come into existence but to forever enable your organisation to build a permanent reputation among users. This reputation comes at a high speed, consistency and a cost-effective process.